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The Knights Cross of the Iron Cross by Dietrich Maerz NEW DUST COVER

The regulations, distribution and all accepted makers of the highest award are presented here in never before seen detail. This book also includes an in-depth discussion of the Oak Leaves, the Swords, the Golden Diamonds, the Grand Cross and the Elusive Star to the Grand Cross. Over 500 pictures in full color with diagrams and tables on 400 pages, will make this information filled book the standard for years to come. - Hard bound, linen cover with a glossy dust jacket - $124.95 plus postage

The Flak Badges Of The Luftwaffe and Heer by Marc Garlasco


This definitive work about these two badges, includes history, documents, vases and over 50 known variants, all presented with superb quality photography. Over 800 pictures, most in color, on 430 pages - Hard bound, linen cover with a glossy dust jacket - $109.00 plus postage

The Luftwaffe Ground Combat Badge by Sascha Weber


Another first for the collectors community, this book describes the regulations, documents and cases in addition to all known variants of this unique badge. This book by Sascha Weber is about the Luftwaffe equivalent to the Infantry Assault Badge and makes a perfect addition to Webers earlier study. In his usual way, Weber handles the subject on 136 pages with over 500 color pictures - Hard bound, linen cover with a glossy dust jacket - $79.95 plus postage

The Glider Pilot Badge by Stijn David

The very first book about this exceptionally rare badge and the brave men who earned it. The Glider Pilot Badge is an exhaustive study that includes not only the known variants of this award, but also the history, documents and cases,

This badge was awarded to some of the bravest men of the Second World War! Over 250 pictures, mostly in color, on 139 pages - Hard bound, linen cover with a glossy dust jacket - $59.00 plus postage

The Infantry Assault Badge by Sascha Weber


Already highly acclaimed in its German version, the English edition is an important and indispensable addition to every collector’s library. All known variants of the Infantry Assault Badge are discussed and explained in painstaking detail in addition to in-depth discussion of the packages and documents for this highly collectible award. Over 1,000 pictures on 253 pages - Hard bound, linen cover with a glossy dust jacket - $90.00 plus postage


The German Cross by Dietrich Maerz

The Order of the German Cross was one of the most visually striking military honors to be  awarded during the Third Reich. This book is the first ever in-depth examination of this prestigious award, with complete chapters on the history of the order, manufacturing techniques, award procedures, characteristic details of all of the known (and some unknown) manufacturers of both the metal and cloth versions, cases, award documents, and more. There is no more complete reference work on the German Cross in Gold and Silver than this volume. 448 pages • over 1,200 photos/illustrations • Hard bound • $130.00 plus postage

The Krim Shield by Sascha Weber

The campaign shields bestowed upon deserving members of the Wehrmacht during World War Two represent a unique series of awards honoring specific participation in some of the important campaigns of that great conflict. This book presents a comprehensive examination of one of those awards -- the Krim Shield.

Presented here are clear pictures and detailed descriptions of all of the currently known variations of this decoration. Also included herein are examples of award documents, document entries, miniatures, reproductions, and much more information which has never before been gathered together into one volume. Over 140 pages, hard bound and more than 300 pictures in full color • $79.00 plus postage

The Kriegsmarine Awards by Sascha Weber and Gerhard R. Skora

This two-volume set on the awards of the Kreigsmarine presents the histories and descriptions of not only the war badges of the Kriegsmarine, but also of the Diamond versions, the Navy Honor Roll Clasp, the Narvik Shield in Gold, cloth badge versions, and much more. Each item and variation is presented with detailed photos and descriptions which allow the collector to easily recognize what to look for when considering an acquisition of a particular award. Rare photos and documents complement this study.

Over 1,000 Pages - Over 3,000 Photos in Color - Hard Bound - $169.00 plus postage

The Iron Cross First Class by Dietrich Maerze and George Stimson

The most comprehensive and detailed book yet written about the German Iron Cross First Class (EK 1) decoration of 1939. On hundreds of pages you’ll find information about the history of the award, its manufacturing process, award procedures, and, most importantly, precise data, photographs, and scans which will enable the collector or student of this famous and prestigious emblem of honor to positively identify genuine pre-1945 produced examples. The wartime products of over twenty manufacturers of crosses and Wiederholungsspangen are described in meticulous and thorough detail. The book also contains chapters on miniature versions of the award, presentation cases, and award documents.

608 Pages - 1,500 Color Photos - $150.00 plus postage

The Wehrpaß and Soldbuch of the Wehrmacht by A. Scapini/A. Gorzanelli

The Wehrpaß and Soldbuch of the Heer, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine, and Waffen-SS are covered in great detail in this book. Each version is translated into English and the meaning and purpose for every entry is explained in detail. Critically acclaimed when first published in the Italian language, this book is now available in an expanded English version.

328 pages - $110.00 plus shipping

The Service Daggers of the SS

by Ralf Siegert with contributions by Ross J. Kelbaugh and Sven Georgi.

This is the English version of the highly acclaimed German title. A "must have" for any SS-Dagger collector. On 417 pages with more than 1200 photographs and illustrations the service daggers of the SS are explained in detail, including the Röhm Dagger and the Himmler Dagger. Numerous examples of daggers of all time periods, and a special chapter dedicated to chained daggers, make this book an invaluable addition to each library. The book is in landscape format 8-1/2" x 11" and comes in a slipcase.

417 pages - $135 plus shipping.

The Camouflage Helmets of the Wehrmacht - by Paul Martin

This is the first time that an author has tackled the difficult subject of camouflage helmets and Paul Martin has done it in the only way possible: by showing many genuine examples. This first volume examines the sprayed, brushed, and textured helmets as well as those with wire camouflage. On over 300 pages in full color genuine examples are presented in never before seen detail. An indispensable reference for the serious collector of any camouflage helmet.

Large Format • Hard Cover • 312 pages • 715 photos, most in color
$120.00 plus shipping

The Memel Medal - by A. Scapini

Over 150 pages presenting all known original variations of this fairly rare medal, but also shows all the known fakes. The history of the medal as well as the packages and the documents are also part of this important book.

Includes 159 pages with over 500 pictures and photographs, most in color

$60.00 plus shipping

The Awards of the Heer, Volume 2

by Dietrich Maerz.

This is the long awaited Volume II of the most complete and comprehensive overview of the decorations a German soldier of the Heer could be awarded. Volume II not only covers such well known decorations as the Spain Cross, the Campaign Shields and the Cuff Titles. For the first time in the English language the Flower War Medals, the Motor Vehicle Driver Badges and the Bravery Medal for Eastern People are covered in detail. Each chapter is divided into history, regulations, design, the decoration itself, award documents, cases, miniatures, fakes and 1957 version if applicable.

The final chapter covers the manufacturers for the first time all the producing companies, including the LDO members and all of the known 142 companies with a Präsidialkanzlei-Number, are presented with address and products manufactured for the Heer. This volume is indispensable for the serious collector of the awards of the Heer.

775 photos, 496 pages - $115

The Anti-Partisan Badge

by Antonio Scapini.

The Anti-Partisan Badge by Antonio Scapini is the first comprehensive and detailed account of this war badge. The author explains in stunning detail the fingerprints of all genuine examples and lists all models and types in a logical and comprehensible format. The book also covers the historical background, the institution, miniatures, cases, and documents. A detailed chapter about the many known fakes makes this book an indispensable companion for every serious collector of this badge. 270 pages with nearly 1000 photos, mainly in color.

Nearly 1,000 photos, 270 pages - $115 plus shipping.

In The Helmet Decals of the Third Reich,â Ken Niewiarowicz with his co-author Anders Lehrman, categorizes and analyses in depth for the first time the helmet decals of the Third Reich. The research starts with the Reichswehr in Spring 1918 and ends with a detailed look of the foreign legions of the Waffen-SS. On over 330 pages the authors have compiled the most complete compendium on this topic, including the latest research on the so-called “Champagne Decal.”

The book is in full color and has more than 1,000 photos.

$120.00. Plus shipping.

The War Merit Cross 1. Class and Higher Awards

by Dietrich Maerz & George Stimson

Regulations, award procedures, award numbers and distribution are covered in depth. The manufacturers of the 1. Class and Knight’s Crosses are also detailed with color photos. Detailed information is also given about documents, cases, miniatures, and the ribbon of the Knight’s Cross.

463 pages

Full color


The Awards of the Luftwaffe

by Antonio Scapini

Every Luftwaffe decoration has been documented and supported by the original decrees as outlined in the Luftwaffenverordnungs­blätter, correcting and clarifying some of the misinterpretations found in earlier literature. This book is a solid reference for the decorations of the Luftwaffe.

304 pages

Full color