NEW! German Cross in Gold Volume 6  &  The German Cross Series
By Mark C. Yerger. Assisted by Ignacio Arrondo.

  1. German Cross in Gold:
    Holders of the SS and Police, Volume 6
    Polizei Division and Police Units:

  2. Luger to Wode

  3. by Mark C. Yerger

  4. Assisted by Ignacio Arrondo

  5. Volume 6 completes the study of the Polizei Division German Cross in Gold holders in previously unrecorded detail. In addition, the independent Senior SS and Polizei holders of the award are examined, many of whom were higher SS and Police Leaders. Along with significant and previously unseen photos and documents, an addendum updates previous volumes in the series with new information and illustrations. Foreword by George M. Nipe.

  6. 320 pages

  7. 126 photos and Illustrations

  8. Deluxe Binding

  9. $44.95

  10. (Available Now! from Bender Publishing)

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