Headgear of Hitler’s Germany: Volume 4

By Wilhelm P.B.R. Saris, with Stan Cook, Otto Spronk and Jill Halcomb Smith

This volume continues the in-depth study of Third Reich political headgear and the documented and historical background showing their evolution from 1923 to 1945, as well as related insignia. Included in incredible detail are the General-SS, SS Special Purpose Troops, SS-Death's Head units and the Germanic-SS (Netherlands, Belgium, Norway and Denmark). The coverage continues in similar detail on the National Socialist Automobile Corps and the National Socialist Motor Corps with its numerous sub-units. The complex evolution of the insignia, the ranking and piping systems, the various organizational and school headgear styles, plus full documentation and detail-filled photos grace this large 512 page reference. Many are in full color.
512 pages
824 photos /illustrations
deluxe binding

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