Flight Badges of the Allied Nations, 1914-1918: Volume 2
The British Empire, American, Belgian, Japanese. Italian and Serbian Air Serviceslivepage.apple.com

  1. Flight Badges of the Allied Nations, 1914-1918: Volume I

  2. The French, Russian, and
    Romanian Air Services

  3. by CDR. Robert S. Pandis USNR (Ret.)

This massive volume covers the British Empire, American, Belgian, Japanese, Italian, and Serbian Air Services. Included are badge qualifications, training, and insignia details to include copies, plus never published badge prototypes. This highly acclaimed four volume series is a must for the serious WWI aviation historian and collector. For collectors of American wings, they will love the detailed coverage of Dallas, Linz Bros., Dunham, Johnson, Robbins, BB&B, Eisenstadt, etc., wings. 488 pages • 1831 beautiful, full color images of obverses and reverses • large format, hard bound • $95.00

  1. Signed by the author

  2. Hard cover

  3. 320 pages

  4. 1,113 color photos

  5. $95.00

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