Reinhard Heydrich: Road to War, The Biography

By Max Williams and Ulric of England

Ten years in the making, the authors have managed to assemble a unique collection of photographs that bring to life this biography of Hitler's probable heir apparent, Reinhard Heydrich. A man considered so dangerous by the British, they had him assassinated. This extraordinary man who rose to become second to Himmler within the SS, controlling the entire Security Service had a life of controversy, which continues to this day. Labelled as the author of the 'Final Solution' to the Jewish question, Heydrich is branded by some as a 20th century Machiavellian. Others in admiration of his intelligence, sporting and musical talents, have bestowed upon him the iconic status of a Renaissance man. What are the true facts surrounding the relatively short life of Reinhard Heydrich ? Find out in these two volumes.
(Volume 1 details Heydrichs life from birth to the outbreak of the Second World War).
168 pages on fine art paper,
275 photographs and illustrations
(the majority never published before).
Deluxe casebound format in English A4 size.
 Price: $49.99